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Distinguished colleagues and friends,



由国家康复辅具研究中心、施罗斯最佳实践学院(Schroth Best Practice Academy)主办,国家康复辅具研究中心北京辅具装配部、施罗斯健康科技(武汉)有限公司、南小峰脊柱矫形工作室承办的“国际脊柱畸形矫正论坛暨施罗斯矫形学术会议”将于2019921-22日在北京举办。

Beijing Conference: Spinal Deformities - Evidence and Management, which is sponsored by the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids (NRRA) and Schroth Best Practice Academy, organized by Assistive Devices Assembly Department of NRRA , Schroth Health Science and Technology (Wuhan) co., LTD. And Nan Xiaofeng Spinal Orthopedic Workshop will be held in Beijing from September 21 to 22, 2019.

本次会议集合国内外脊柱畸形矫正领域的专家、科研人员、临床医生、康复治疗师及施罗斯矫形体操SBPSchroth Best Practice )认证师于一堂,共同探讨脊柱畸形矫治的有效方法,分享矫治方面的宝贵经验。

This conference brings together experts, researchers, clinicians, rehabilitation therapists and SBP (Schroth Best Practice) certified practitioners in the field of  spinal deformity correction at home and abroad to discuss effective methods of spinal deformity correction and share valuable experience in this field.


Through this conference, we would like to promote the communication and exchange of knowledge, skills and attitudes between domestic and foreign experts, researchers, clinicians, therapists and SBP certified specialists in the field of spinal deformity correction, so as to better promote the development of conservative treatment and surgical treatment of spinal deformity. At the same time, we also look forward to the participation of an increasing number of internationally recognized scoliosis specialists in the future.



Please accept our invitation to join us in our academic feast and meet us in Beijing in the cool autumn harvest season.


We sincerely thank you again for your strong support and look forward to your visit!