会议延期通知/Conference Adjournment Notice

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Notice of the postponement of the “International Conference on Spinal Deformities – Evidence and Management” 


Distinguished colleagues and friends,

原定于2019年9月21–22日在北京举行,由由国家康复辅具研究中心、施罗斯最佳实践学院(Schroth Best Practice Academy)主办,国家康复辅具研究中心北京辅具装配部、施罗斯健康科技(武汉)有限公司、南小峰脊柱矫形工作室承办的“国际脊柱畸形矫正论坛暨施罗斯矫形学术会议”,将因某些特殊原因延期至2020年,具体时间另行通知。确定新的会议召开时间后会于第一时间发布。

Originally scheduled for September 21-22, 2019 in Beijing,  sponsored by the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids (NRRA) and Schroth Best Practice Academy, organized by Assistive Devices Assembly Department of NRRA , Schroth Health Science and Technology (Wuhan) co., LTD.  and Nan Xiaofeng Spinal Orthopedic Workshop to undertake the “International Conference on Spinal Deformities – Evidence and Management” ,will be postponed for some special reason to 2020, the specific time prior notice. The new meeting will be announced as soon as the time is set.


We would like to thank the delegates who have signed up for the meeting for their support. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay of the meeting.

注:对于已经缴纳注册费用的参会代表,我们会有专门的工作人员与您联系办理退费事项,请保持您注册时预留的手机号码畅通并及时查收邮箱信息。费用会在收到邮件后的三个工作日内由原账号退回(退费事宜服务专线:010-58122993, 18910089082)

Note: for the delegates who have paid the registration fee, we will have a special staff to contact you to handle the refund matters. Please keep your reserved mobile phone number unblocked and timely check the email information. The fee will be refunded from the original account within 3 working days upon receipt of the email (refund service hotline: 010-58122993, 18910089082)